Super Shroud ROI Calculator

Ever wonder what upgrading to Super Shroud™ would save you in annual maintenance and service costs?

We just launched our new ROI Calculator for Super Shroud™. This tool will let you quickly model your annual cost savings of maintenance and service fees for each or your sites that you upgrade to Super Shroud. You can quickly see how Super Shroud can literally pay for itself by saving you on maintenance costs.

We estimate that using Super Shroud will save you 3 hours of crew and crane time for EACH SERVICE CALL! Depending on how often your equipment needs to be serviced, this can save you a lot of money quickly.

Give it a try now!

Super Shroud is featured in AGL Magazine

It’s another frigid day, and you’re 100 feet up in the air, servicing a cell tower. Perhaps you are on a ladder leaning against a rooftop concealment shroud overlooking a parapet.

First, you have to remove the existing multi-piece concealment shroud, which means removing plastic screws that, on a cold day, can break.

But that’s OK, because after so many maintenance services, many of the screws have already been lost, and you’re amused that the shroud is even staying on at all.

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Cell Tower Piece Falls Near Marina

We hear these stories a lot and they are what drove us to engineer Super Shroud™. Super Shroud™ reduces the risk of cell tower shrouds falling since the shroud never needs to be removed for normal maintenance service.

Cell tower mishap concerns marina owner

From the Anna Maria Islander.

Michael Bazzy breathed a sigh of relief April 27 when he learned the large piece of fiberglass that fell from the Bradenton Beach cell tower landed on his property without causing any damage.

Yet, Bazzy sent a brief letter that day to city hall with a photo of the panel on the ground.

“I don’t know if it could happen again,” Bazzy said May 5. “I know that it did happen, and it fell on my property. If they are going to take steps to rectify that and not have it happen again, then that’s fine, but I don’t want it to happen again.”

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