Super Shroud is featured in AGL Magazine

It’s another frigid day, and you’re 100 feet up in the air, servicing a cell tower. Perhaps you are on a ladder leaning against a rooftop concealment shroud overlooking a parapet.

First, you have to remove the existing multi-piece concealment shroud, which means removing plastic screws that, on a cold day, can break.

But that’s OK, because after so many maintenance services, many of the screws have already been lost, and you’re amused that the shroud is even staying on at all.

But it still takes time — up to half the time spent servicing a single cell tower is spent managing the concealment shroud. It’s time-consuming, risky and unpredictable work.

During the past decade, Sky Hansen of Communication Structures & Solutions has heard every story about concealment shrouds that you can imagine. He listened to construction crews worry out loud about how conventional two-piece cylindrical shrouds were held together a lap joint with plastic screws. He heard about extensive damage as screws went missing….

Read the full article on Page 40 of AGL Magazine

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